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Anne Watson

‘I believe that the work of Hall Todd & Littlemore under Peter Hall’s leadership is the outstanding architectural achievement in Australia of its decade and should be treated with respectful consideration.’  Andrew Andersons AO


About the book

Testing the very boundaries of technology, the creation of the Sydney Opera House was long and fraught with difficulties. With the building still a series of empty shells when its architect, Jørn Utzon, dramatically departed in early 1966, there was much for his successor, the 34-year old Sydney architect Peter Hall, to resolve. For both architects in many ways the Opera House was a ‘poisoned chalice’ – an unprecedented architectural and technical challenge that presented almost insurmountable obstacles. But while Utzon’s reputation has been restored, Hall’s contribution has brought little recognition and, often, misguided condemnation. Through its exploration of the completion of the Opera House 1966-73 under Hall’s direction in the consortium Hall Todd & Littlemore, The Poisoned Chalice proposes an alternative narrative – a more inclusive and balanced understanding of this magnificent building, unencumbered by the divisive undercurrents that have hitherto skewed most histories.

244 pages, 260 x 220 mm (portrait), colour and b&w, limp bound, rrp $39.00
Published by opusSOH Inc, Sydney, August 2017.

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About the Author

Dr Anne Watson’s PhD thesis (Sydney University, 2014) was titled ‘Peter Hall and the Sydney Opera House: the “lost” years 1966-1970’. She is an independent architecture curator and writer whose recent publications include, ‘”That Immense and Complicated Thing”: Peter Hall and the Challenge of a Career’, in A Watson (ed), Building a Masterpiece: the Sydney Opera House (2nd ed, Powerhouse, 2013); ‘The Poisoned Chalice’, Meanjin, Summer 2015; and Visionaries in Suburbia: Griffin Houses in the Sydney Landscape (ed, Walter Burley Griffin Society, 2015)

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